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Airx RX20F Fabric & Carpet Air Freshener - Qt.

Item # 1020400

  • Erases foul odors in textiles and freshens the air in the entire room. Contains AIRICIDE[R], our proprietary, proven effective odor counteractant.
  • Leaves no sticky residue to cause resoiling
  • Just spray lightly with the special trigger sprayers
Qt., 12/cs
Manufacturer Part #RX20F
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AIRICIDEĀ® acts to immediately neutralize bad odors in fabrics and textile fibers so they will not fight the pleasant, long-lasting fragrance of the essential oils in RX20F.

  • A ready-to-use, bulk (non-aerosol) spray formulated especially for institutional and commercial use to eliminate all types of foul odors in textile fabrics and fibers, and then to radiate a fresh, clean, inviting, lasting fragrance in the air throughout t
  • Tested, and when used as directed, RX 20F is safe for use on virtually all washable textile fibers and fabrics, including upholstered furniture, draperies, carpets, bedding, clothing, etc. In hotels, motels, life care facilities, cruise ships, airplanes,