Tornado® BD 17/6 Compact Cordless Automatic Scrubber

Tornado® BD 17/6 Compact Cordless Automatic Scrubber

Item # 1181600

  • This battery-operated scrubber is perfect for small-to-medium sized spaces, or hard-to-clean areas underneath counters where a mop is traditionally used.
  • Vacuum motor: 340 W / 14 amp; Brush motor: 340 W / 14 amp
  • Brush type: Disc; Solution/Recovery tanks: 6 gal./6 gal.
  • Brush width: 17"; Brush RPM: 190; Squeegee width: 20"
17", ea
Manufacturer Part #99617
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Offering a six gallon recovery tank and an integrated parabolic squeegee for immediate solution pick up, this machine makes your most difficult cleaning tasks no problem at all.


  • Eco-friendly, maintenance free AGM batteries provide long run-times, eliminating the danger of a power cord, and reduce periodic maintenance.
  • The ergonomic handle is adjustable to accommodate a variety of user-heights, and minimizes worker fatigue and injuries as a result.
  • Moisture-controlled, design includes an integrated parabolic squeegee system, mounted just 1" behind the pad to immediate capture and contain cleaning solution.
  • The innovative squeegee assembly is engineered to rotate an incredible 180 degrees to the left or right during the cleaning process, providing immediate solution recovery, even when moving in reverse underneath desks and countertops!
  • To recharge the 24 volt AGM batteries, simply plug in the cord to the machine and an AC wall outlet. This automatically activates the on-board charger.
  • Battery: 24 V 34 AH5