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Pack: 1/GAL

Airx RX 71 Acidulated Cleaner - Gal.

Item # 786200

  • Super concentrated, high foam, liquid surfactant that has been acidulated for fast and thorough cleaning, particularly on scummy, hard surfaces in shower rooms.
  • Removes soap scum, rust, corrosion without scrubbing
  • Generates a rich foam which clings to vertical surfaces
Gal., 4/cs
Manufacturer Part #RX71-1
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Each gallon of this revolutionary formula produces up to 150 times its own volume of deep cleaning foam-making RX 71 one of the most economical cleaning products obtainable.

  • Acidulated (it's on the acidic side of the pH scale) and removes soil that even more harsh alkaline cleaners will not touch.
  • Soap scum, lime scale, corrosion, rust, hard water deposits, mildew stains and other soil literally disappear under the RX 71 foam without hard scrubbing.